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2020 Tour

Dave is booked for a Major Concert tour next year October/ November 2020 Artists and dates being finalised details will be on the blog as soon as everything is in place.
Also Theatre tour being set up in Belgium Dave will be backed by Belgium band (The Bonanzas ). Also dates are booked at the Warners Hotels around the country you can see Dave’s show in real comfort at these lovely Hotels.Thank you all for your continued support.

Liverpool Philharmonic

Julian Piper

Farewell to Julian Piper who produced Dave’s 1990’s Blues Album with his band
The Junkyard Angels. Dave is very proud of this album as it reintroduced him
to a new audience . They were probably not aware of Dave’s R&B roots.. RIP



Dave with Lulu

Dave with Lulu in the Decca Studios , London
ca. 1965