Oct '63
Memphis, Tennessee/Tossin' And Turnin'

Jan '64
My Baby Left Me/Hoochie Coochie Man

Apr '64
Baby It's You/Sweet And Lovely

Jul '64
The Crying Game/Don't Gimme No Lip Child

Nov '64
One Heart Between Two/You're Gonna Need Somebody

Mar '65
Little Things/I've Got A Tiger By The Tail

Jul '65
This Strange Effect/Now

Oct '65
I'm Gonna Take You There/Just Don't Know

Jan '66
If You Wait For Love/Hidden

Jul '66
Mama/Walk, Walk, Talk, Talk

Nov '66
Picture Me Gone/Ann

Mar '67
Stranger/Stick By The Book

Aug '67
Forever/And I Have Learned To Dream

Just As Much As Ever/I Got A Feeling

(Do I Still Figure) In Your Life/Latisha

Oh What A Life/Huma Luma


Dave Berry - Me-O-My-O/St. James Infirmary/If You Need Me/Ella Speed
Decca DFE 8601

Can I Get It From You -
Decca DFE 8625


Dave Berry - The Crying Game/Not Fade Away/I Don't Want To Go On/Ella Speed/The Girl From The Fair Isle/Go On Home/Everybody Tries/God Bless The Child/Memphis, Tennessee/On The Other Side Of Town/Go Home Girl/My Last Date/St. James Infirmary/Just A Little Bit/See See Rider/Don't Make Fun Of Me
Decca LK 4653

Dec '66
One Dozen Berries - Hey Little Girl/Round And Round/Casting My Spell/Girl From The Fair Isle/Fanny Man/If You Wait For Love/Sweet And Lovely/Tears To Remind Me/Baby It's You/Run My Heart/I Love You Babe/Heartbeat
Ace Of Clubs SCL 1218

Dave Berry '68 -
Decca LK/SLK 4932



Berry's Best - Memphis Tennessee, My Baby Left Me, Little Queenie (live), Diddley Daddy (live), Baby It's You, The Crying Game, Don't Gimme No Lip Child, Not Fade Away, You Better Move On, He's With You, One Heart Between Two, Go Home Girl, Little Things, This Strange Effect, Mama, So Goes Love, Picture Me Gone, Forever, (Do I Figure) In Your Life, Chaplin House


This Strange Effect - I Love You Babe, Go On Home, You're Gonna Need Somebody, Don't Gimme No Lip Child, My Baby Left Me, Memphis Tennessee, Hoochie Coochie Man, St. James Infirmary, Diddley Daddy, Alright Baby, Same Game, One Heart Between Two, I'm Gonna Take You There, Mama, This Strange Effect, Forever, The Crying Game, Baby It's You, Little Things, Picture Me Gone

The Very Best Of Dave Berry - Memphis Tennessee/My Baby Left Me/Baby It's You/The Crying Game/One Heart Between Two/Little Things/This Strange Effect/Mama/Can I Get It From You/I'm Gonna Take You There/If You Wait For Love/Stranger/Heartbeat/Change Our Minds/Suspicions (In Your Mind)/I Got The Feeling/The Girl From The Far Island/Sticks And Stones/I Love You Babe/The Coffee Song