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For over 40 years a herd of Highland cattle have been allowed to graze on the moorland of Baslow Edge in the Peak District, delighting walkers, cyclists and photographers. They have also played a crucial part in maintaining and enriching this beautiful moorland as part of Natural England's Higher Level Stewardship programme 'Native Breeds at Risk.' It was 'Conservation Grazing' as native breeds are better suited to harsh climate conditions. The highland cattle actively helped the biodiversity of the area. Sadly, following recommendations made by the HSE, the farmer felt he had no choice but to sell and slaughter his herd of cattle. This was due to the complaints of one individual who, by walking with a dog too close to the herd, felt that they were in danger of attack. Baslow Edge is visited by thousands of people every year, who enjoy the sight of these magnificent creatures, are respectful of their space, particularly when the cows have calves, with no incident. This petition is also to show support to the farming community and Mr. Thorp, the farmer who owned the herd of highland cattle on Baslow Edge. Quite simply, the act of removing this herd was uncalled for and a knee-jerk reaction to one individual. 

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